Slovakia PM Robert Fico in stable but serious condition after shooting, doctors say

1. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico in stable but serious condition after being shot multiple times.

2. Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinak describes Fico's injuries as "complicated".

3. The shooting occurred in Handlova, with the suspect detained at the scene.

4. Fico's surgery is reported to have gone "well" by Deputy Prime Minister Tomas Taraba.

5. Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estoka deems the shooting a politically motivated assassination attempt.

6. Fico, known for controversial views on military aid to Ukraine and sanctions on Russia, is a divisive figure.

7. Gunman fired five shots at close range, hitting Fico in the stomach and arm.

8. Police have not yet identified the alleged suspect, but unconfirmed reports suggest he is a 71-year-old writer and activist.

9. Deputy Prime Minister Taraba blames "false narratives" by opposition parties for contributing to the shooting.

10. Outgoing President Zuzana Caputova condemns the attack, attributing it to societal hate fueled by rhetoric.