US brothers arrested for stealing $25m in crypto in just 12 seconds

1. Brothers Anton and James Peraire-Bueno charged with stealing $25 million in cryptocurrency.

2. Accused of wire fraud and money laundering in a groundbreaking case.

3. Alleged heist occurred in April 2023, executed in a mere 12 seconds.

4. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco emphasizes the sophistication of the scheme.

5. IRS agents played a significant role in uncovering the fraud.

6. Specialized skills acquired from education at MIT exploited Ethereum's transaction validation process.

7. Defendants' background in mathematics and computer science highlighted in the indictments.

8. US Attorney Damian Williams questions the integrity of the blockchain due to the scheme.

9. The fraud involved accessing and altering pending private transactions to steal cryptocurrency.

10. Prosecutors assert this is the first criminal case of its kind, carrying potential sentences of over 20 years for each brother.